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Paternity Testing FAQ

Depending on the type of testing needed,  at least test two people will need to test. One of our representatives could assist you in finding out the type of testing that would fit your situation the best.
We have Patient Service Centers throughout the United States. Each patient is able to test at a facility that would be closest and most convenient to them. One of our representatives could easily assist you in finding the closest facility to you in your immediate area.
Paternity testing results are provide 3-5 business days after the testing laboratory has received all samples.
Samples for all of our testnig is take with cheek (buccal) swabs. The buccal swab is similar to a everyday Q-Tip. Gently swabbing the inside of the cheek for a short time collects enough DNA sample to perform accurate testing.
The answer is no. There is not minimum age required for a infant to provide DNA samples. Samples are taken with a painless and non-invasive cheek (buccal) swab.
All information regarding your paternity testing case will not be released to any third-party other than the parties testing and their explicit representatives without proper consent.
After all results are available a Express DNA Testing representative will share the paternity results with you over the phone. They will plainly explain the results and answer any questions. Next, results are physically mailed to all testing adults and/or their designated representatives. The report is completely confidential. For Legal Paternity Testing notarized legal documents will be mailed to all tested adults and/or their designated representatives.
The cost of paternity testing varies depending on the type of testing required. You can find more information on pricing by visiting the webpage for each type of testing. Paternity testing can be paid for by Credit Card or Paypal.

What if one of the parties is deceased? 

How quickly can we receive results?

What is the difference with Home Paternity vs Legal Paternity?

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