Skywalker Family DNA testing?

Vader & Luke (father & son)In honor of Star Wars and May the 4th (be with you) – I have often wondered what the movies would have been like had Luke put Vader up to the test with what he declared in Empire Strikes Back: Vader: “No, I’M am your Father!” Luke: “Really? Ok let’s go get a DNA Paternity Test to prove if indeed you ARE my father or not…right after of course we take care of my hand you just wildly sliced off my body.” Yep, I think Lucas missed out on a good father/son bonding scene there. They could have gone into the lab together to fix Luke’s hand and swab their checks and THEN have gone their separate ways and wait for the results to come back.

If the results were then positive then the movie progresses as it did and we know the ending…HOWEVER (and since this is all fictional anyway) what if the results showed that he WASN’T the father!?! That’s right, what if Padme had had an affair with Obi-Wan or some other Jedi? It happens all the time in real life today. There are plenty of men who think the children they were told about are biologically theirs and many times they are even caring for them and/or paying child support too. Then all it takes is for something different to happen, like the kid gets into an accident and the nurses in the ER take the family history and then the regular blood tests from the kid comes back with something irregular that the mom and dad have no family history of and so the mind starts to wonder. That eventually leads to a paternity test and POW – before you know it the father is finding out that the mother cheated on him.

Unfortuantely, it is a daily part of living here on earth (people lying to each other) and I would also imagine somewhere in a Galaxy Far, Far Away as well and if Anakin was always out fighting in the Clone Wars it is VERY plausible that Padme slept with a few other Jedi wanna-be’s who were “strong with the Force” (and it doesn’t take C3PO telling you the odds of that). Either way, Anakin turning to the Dark Side would have inevitably have happened because, let’s face it, finding out your wife cheated on you is just as damaging as other traumatizing events. The ending of Return of the Jedi just would have been different that’s all and we would have had Luke killing Vader just because he was a crazy Sith Lord trying to seduce Luke into joining him by telling him lies.

Obviously Lucas didn’t want the movies to become like an episode of Maury though and that is why we never have this above scenario. However if you are in this scenario and don’t have a spaceship to jump to hyperspace to get away from this planet – give Express DNA a call 1-800-993-1495 to help you understand the process and see what the appropriate actions steps are. When it comes to Paternity testing the Force is strong with them.