Mothers DO NOT Have to Test with Father for a Standard Paternity Test

saveThere’s a lot of competition out there…for any business really…DNA testing is no different unfortunately. There are many places that state “testing the mother along with the father and child will improve the accuracy of results” which does sound good – but buyer beware! It is completely false.

In order to prove paternity, all identifiable markers listed must match between father and child – otherwise he is not the father. It is as simple as that. The mother testing will never change that outcome. It would only show the matching markers that she passed down to the child proving that she is indeed the mother. Most moms already know this – they went through a process called pregnancy and birthing just fyi. So unless the mother feels her baby was somehow switched at the hospital or was taken away from her at an early age or something, there really isn’t a reason in a standard paternity test for her to be included except to make that particular DNA company more money.

The only reasons that a mother would need to test would be for immigration purposes, tax info/benefits, court ordered for some reason, adoption cases, or (god forbid) one the aforementioned reasons in the previous paragraph.

For you fathers reading this, this means that if you are having difficulty getting the mother to corporate in DNA testing, now you don’t need to stress as much. This is of course assuming you have allowed visitation with the child(ren) or joint custody. If so, then all you need to do is bring in the child(ren) along with you to be tested.

So why stress and pay more to get the same results? You don’t have to. Call ExpressDNA today to save and get the correct affordable testing you need with no upselling or hassles.