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Paternity Testing Montana

Express DNA Testing features dedicated solutions for all choices of paternity testing. We handle all the paperwork and you receive results within 3-5 working days. Express DNA offers many locations for paternity testing services in “Big Sky Country”. A focused attention on customer satisfaction and accurate DNA testing is Express DNA Testings top priority. Call 1-800-993-1495 to order your paternity test today.

We service 1,015,165 people in Montana with express and accurate paternity testing services. Private Home Paternity Testing and court approved Legal Paternity Testing easily available. Call now to learn more about our testing process and order an express test.


Express solution to finding Paternity Testing in Montana. In just a just minutes you can order accurate and fast testing for paternity.

Complete Testing Services

Simple Setup

Call our paternity testing experts to order a test in Montana. Have your question answered and setup a paternity test easily.

Accurate DNA Testing!

Get accurate results through AABB accredited laboratories in Montana. We use the highest quality DNA testing for all types of paternity tests.

One Low Price

When ordering our testing everything is included for complete results. No additional or hidden fees. Just one low price for accurate testing services.

Abous Us

Express DNA provides DNA testing for all types of relationships. Testing services are easy to accommodate and affordable. A large network off laboratories means we are always close.

More Information

Helpful information and links to paternity testing laws in Montana.

Paternity Laws and Information for MT

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