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Accurate and simple Paternity Testing with complete customer care. Home Paternity Testing can be mailed to an address anywhere around or in Lone Tree and many locations are available for Legal DNA Testing at near-by laboratory locations.

Customer service is our main priority and we strive to have the smoothest testing process. Have your testing setup within minutes of calling and get results in 3-5 business days.

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Call 800-993-1495 for the most up-to-date location info for Paternity Tests in Lone Tree, CO.

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Call to learn more about Express DNA Testing and to order a fast and accurate Paternity Test.

Complete DNA Testing Services

Home Paternity Testing

The Home Paternity Test Kit provides fast, accurate and confidential DNA paternity test results. A painless and easy to use home test gives you the same accuracy as a legal test but in the privacy of your home.

Everything needed to collect and send samples to the laboratory is contained within the test kit. This includes instructions, cheek swabs and postage-paid envelopes to mail collected samples.

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Legal DNA Testing

The Legal DNA Test follows strict Chain of Custody to determine the biological father of a child. This test is primarily used for legal purposes such as child support or child custody.

We take care of everything needed for Legal DNA Results. Our staff of experts will coordinate testing with all parties involved and provide complete documentation after processing.

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How Paternity Testing Works

Order Testing

Call 800-993-1495 to easily order the most accurate and professional testing services for paternity. Our experienced staff will answer all questions and begin the paternity testing process.

Collect DNA Samples

Collecting DNA samples for testing is painless and easy. All the tools required for collection of DNA are provided when ordering a test. Return shipping is always free and fast shipping options are available.

Get Results

Results are available 3-5 days after receiving collected samples. When results are completed just call our toll free number and testing experts will go over and explain your results.

Features of Testing

Quality Controls

Our company uses paternity testing laboratories that are fully certified by the AABB, ISO 17025. This ensures your test is performed to the highest standards set in the international community.

Privacy Guaranteed

Your privacy is our number one priority. Any information collected by us will never be shared with a third party without your express written consent. All personal information is kept private.

Painless Testing

All paternity testing is painless and easy to complete. DNA samples are collected by gently swiping a soft swab similar to a Q-Tip gently on the inside of the cheek. Collection is completely painless and non-invasive.

No Hidden Fees

One price includes everything needed and includes no hidden or additional charges. Ordering a paternity test includes collection of DNA samples, processing of results, and getting physical copies of results.

About Express DNA Testing

Providing reliable DNA paternity tests is our primary goal at Express DNA Testing Lone Tree, Colorado. This website offers Home Paternity Testing packages nationwide as well as Court Tests at over 1000 sites nationally. The test service is fast, precise,

All paternity testing offered is AABB accredited and the most highly developed tests available for Paternity Testing in Lone Tree. We work with Labcorp, the nation’s biggest and most recognized national diagnostic laboratory.

Our extensive network of laboratories nationwide means we are always close to you. Call now to order your home test or make an appointment for collection at the laboratory. Paternity testing is painless, confidential, and affordable. Paternity Testing Lone Tree makes testing easily accessible with a smooth and customer friendly process.

Paternity Testing Lone Tree, CO

DNA Paternity Testing
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DNA Paternity Testing
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Express DNA Testing in Lone Tree offers a simple and fast solution for Paternity Testing. Easily order a Home Paternity Test or Legal DNA Test. Fast 3-5 day results and a focus on customer care.
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