A Father in Scotland Fights for Equal Rights

Flag of ScotlandWhen it comes to parent rights, mothers are still often given more rights than fathers. These rights come from the simple fact that mother’s have the ability to determine what goes on the birth certificate. Once that document is made, it becomes a very complicated process to alter it. One father in Scotland is fighting to change that.

Ron Park is arguing for the right to be able to see his son, which was born last year. The son’s mother and him are not married; therefore, she was not required to put Park’s name down as the father. He now has no rights to his son, and she isn’t allowing him to see the child.

Park is fighting to change the law, which would allow family court to enforce paternity testing in what he calls “extreme cases.” According to Park, there are an estimated 160,000 fathers separated from their children because of similar situations. In Scotland, ten percent of all births are registered without a father listed.

These fathers simply want the same rights that mothers are given and the chance to see and support their children. Enforcing paternity testing in these cases would allow them those important rights and roles. It could also be a great benefit to the children.