Cuckolding (Paternity Fraud)

Reed_warbler_feeding_cuckooIt’s funny – everyone thinks that we are so much better than all the other species on the planet – I’m not so sure. Having someone else unknowingly support & take care of your kid(s) is referred to as cuckolding – why? Well, it is based around a species of birds known as the Cuckoo in which some of the females in that species were found to lay their eggs in neighboring nests for other birds to think they were their own and then would raise and take care of. You think that would be it, because after all, they are just birds right? Oh no, it gets much better! These Cuckoo’s don’t just go around looking for an empty nest and randomly drop their egg(s)…most have made it like an art form of sorts even. These known perpetrators, known as brood-parasites, use different strategies based off their neighboring bird species around them! Some females are sly and secretive and can lay eggs quickly while the host birds are gone from an empty nest, others rely on a male Cuckoo to lure the host bird adults away from a nest, and then, even scarier (or more amazing – depending on how you look at this scenario) a female can manipulate the color of her egg(s) to blend in with the other host bird families’ eggs!

These are birds we are talking about for crying out loud, it’s no wonder that there are thousands of men out there around the globe paying child support and taking care of children that are not really their own! Worse of all, you know the old saying “Hell hath no fury like a women scorned” well, in the case of the female Cuckoo’s, if some feel that the host bird family has rejected her egg(s) that she has deceptively deposited no less, she will go…well, go cuckoo (thank you Cocoa Puffs) and destroy that host family’s nest and all the other eggs! So for them it is better to just raise the intruder Cuckoo chick rather than rejecting it and having to start anew building another nest and making more chicks of their own again.

Again, they are just birds, just imagine the extensive set of lies a human mother goes through to deceive a man into raising her child(ren). If you are an alleged father or perhaps you feel like a kid (or multiple kids) may not be your own biological offspring, do not hesitate to get a DNA test performed. This is one thing that does put us on top of the animal kingdom – we DO have a higher intelligence – we just have to remember to use it sometimes and keep our feelings out of the equation. If you have any further questions about your paternity scenario and/or would like to set up testing, feel free to speak with a DNA consultant toll free at 1-800-993-1495.