Beyonce’s Father Faces More Paternity Claims

Beyonce_KnowlesThe pop star’s father, Matthew Knowles, is facing yet another paternity claim. Back in 2010, the actress Alexsandra Wright filed a paternity suit against him claiming her son, Nixon, was his. Knowles later acknowledged this was true and is currently paying Wright child support.

Now another woman has come forward claiming her daughter is Beyonce’s half-sister and wanting Knowles to take a paternity test to prove it. Taqoya Branscomb is 30 years old and lives in the Houston, Texas area (where the Knowles are from). Her child was born back in 2010.

In the past Knowles has admitted that his extramarital relationship with Wright is what caused his marriage to Beyonce’s mother to fail. He has not commented, so far, on these new allegations.

Only another paternity test will set the record straight